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Quick Safety Tips for FSBOs (for sale by owner) regarding Showing your Home


Most home owners selling without the assistance of a Realtor make some plans for marketing their homes but rarely think about what can happen when showing their homes to strangers.  Not everyone calling to look at your home may actually want to purchase it.  Owners must consider that when you place ads on the Internet and signs in your yard that you may attract the attention of scammers and thieves.
Here are some safety tips I can suggest for showing your home to prospective buyers:
1.  Pre-screen prospective buyers before allowing them into your home.  Partner with a local lender or mortgage broker and ask everyone wanting to see your home to get pre-qualified first.   That will weed out many of those with other ideas in mind than buying your home.
2.  Safety in numbers.  If you are alone, ask a friend  or family member to come over for all showings.  Also, carry your cell phone on you at all times during a showing in case you need it.
3.  Always have prospective buyers sign a “guest book,” get their names, addresses and phone numbers.  Ask to see a photo ID.
4.  Always plan ahead for showings — lock up or hide valuables, prescription medicines.  Take down personal family photos and pack them away.
5.  Never lead the way when showing your home to strangers.  Instead, point the way to guide them, letting them go first.
6.  Never back yourself into a corner, always have an “escape route” in mind.
7.  After all showings, check your windows and doors to make sure all are still secure.  Criminals have been known to unlock windows while touring homes to come back later on and rob them.
8.  Never tell a caller that you can’t show your property because you won’t be home at the time they indicated.
It is always better to be safe than sorry, so using caution when showing your home is key.


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